• First Time Buyers

    Purchasing your first home is an exciting venture but can also be incredibly stressful. We take the stress away by providing you with guidance every step of the way. Our 10 Steps to Purchasing details the process involved when buying a home and our Extensive Home Buyers Guide will give you 50 pages of information on everything you need to know about mortgages. Not a reader? No worries, we make sure you know what comes next and are always here to help. We love First Time Buyers and sharing the incentives available to them. 

    • Mortgage Renewals

    Mortgages are like cell phone and internet providers. Sometimes you need to move to a new provider to get the best rate. A mortgage is the biggest debt you will ever carry so rate differences can make a huge difference in the amount of interest you pay as well as the type of product. Our mortgages are customized to you and your future goals. We have your interest in mind and look for options to help you pay that mortgage off faster. 

    • Mortgage Refinances

    Sometimes life can throw us curveballs, or you need to access the equity in your home to help make life a little easier. Refinancing your mortgage can be done for a variety of reasons ranging from debt consolidation (why pay 19.99% on a credit card), renovations, paying for university, moving a loved one in, purchasing a second home, or for investments. Whatever your need, we can help.

    • Second Homes

    Looking to escape the city and relax at a lakeside cottage on the weekends? We have a mortgage for that. We also provide financing for second homes for your child to reside in when going to university or to help house a relative.

    • Investment Properties

    Real estate is booming, and the growth of real estate values has been steadily increasing. Not everyone is in a position to purchase a home and there is a huge demand for rental units. Why not diversify your investment portfolio and purchase a rental property? Ask about our Investment Strategy and how you can access the equity in your home to purchase a rental property.

    • Commercial Mortgages

    Looking to purchase a building to run your company or expand your current workspace? We have a team of specialists ready to help you make your business grow.

    • Private Mortgages

    Sometimes you need a plan B. Whether you are struggling to qualify the traditional way or have bruised credit, there are options. Short term private mortgages can help you bridge the gap until you can get back on track.

    • Reverse Mortgages

    Did you know that there are payment free mortgages? If you are over 55 years of age you potentially have access to a mortgage that can dramatically improve your overall cash flow and help you access the equity in your home without the large mortgage payment that goes with it. You worked hard your entire life to pay your mortgage down and may not have necessarily concentrated on investments. There are options and strategies to help you live your golden years to the fullest and mortgage-free.

    • Self Employed

    Being self-employed brings unique challenges to individuals when it comes to obtaining mortgage financing. We are self-employed experts and have access to lenders other than the traditional banks that recognize how your business operates. There are options, call me to discuss them today.

    • Home Equity Loans

    There are a variety of ways to access the equity in your home and Equity Loans is one of them. Sometimes it may not make sense to break your existing mortgage to take out equity. If you have a great rate, then you risk paying more interest. Or you may need access to funds, but not all at the same time so why pay interest on the money you don’t need right away. We have some unique products that can help you achieve your financing goals.

    • Debt Consolidation

    Paying 19.99% or even 7% on credit cards and lines of credits is just an uphill battle. Did you know that if you had a $10,000 credit card balance and you made just the minimum payment per month that it would take you 25 years to pay that debt off? Essentially you end up paying twice for the item you originally purchased. It does not have to be that way.

    Consolidation can help you not only reduce your overall monthly expenses, but it can relieve stress and assist you in paying the debt faster.